Kunstler on Suburbia

This great talk, in which James H Kunstler dissects suburbia, articulates an important problem. We’ve built “places that aren’t worth caring about” that are only accessible via giant highways powered by cars running on temporarily cheap oil. So, when you take the long view (which isn’t very long at this point), you’ll find that suburbs can’t continue as they are. People do not thrive in the isolation of suburbs:

But what happens is, of course, it mutates over the next 80 years and it turns into something rather insidious. It becomes a cartoon of a country house, in a cartoon of the country. And that’s the great non-articulated agony of suburbia, and one of the reasons that it lends itself to ridicule. Because it hasn’t delivered what it’s been promising for half a century now.

Just under 20 minutes, and very worth your time.

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Nils +1

That guy was great! What an invigorating call for action to do better with urban and suburban design. Great find, Alex.

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