Lost Keys

Today was not a great day because I lost my keys in a snow bank. On the coldest day of this season. 0°F (before windchill), and I’m on my hands and knees outside the Rec Center, with my red bike tail-light to light up the dark, snowy ground, trying to figure out what the heck just happened.

The U of M doesn’t plow snow around the bike racks (in fact, they tend to plow snow into the bike racks), so I had just struggled to unlock my bike after a workout. The U part of the lock and the shank part fell off my bike into the snow bank after I unlocked them (which never happens). At some point after I grabbed the shank from the powder, the keys fell out of it. I retrieved the U part and then realized — NO — that I didn’t have my keys. 30 minutes into the search, my wet socks frozen hard, I had to give up.

I went back to Moos tower and, after calling Mykala to say “please come after work, halp!” I sat in the library and worked for a while on studying for this impossible radiology test on Thursday. All I could think about was that, there was a 10 square foot area where my keys were, and I couldn’t find them. My bike was fake-locked (the U lock jury-rigged to look like it was locked) outside. Worst case scenario: someone was going to take my bike and I lost my keys for good.

Mykala came by after work. She found the keys in the snowbank.

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See, the problem is that you have man eyes. Every man has them, some are worse than others, while others only show during certain times. This may have been one of those few rare times that you experience this. Ask Chris about it sometime - it happens to him a lot!! :)


That’s like when you can’t find your glasses and you’re wearing them. Or you are looking for your phone while you are talking on it. That’s silly Alex,

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