Finals Schedule

Might be busy for a while here.

Spring 2009 Finals Schedule.

News from the outside world is welcome!

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Dan McKeown

So your last final is May 8th? I think that calls for a party of some sort.

Alexander Micek

We have a four day weekend after May 8, then summer session! So, party on June 26!

But may also on May 8th. Or 9th. I’m excited.

Dan McKeown +1

How about one party on the 8th AND 9th? Yeah, you know that is a great idea.

Alexander Micek

*head explodes*

Alexander Micek

Also — I don’t know how I have a “Phys Evaluation Slide Exam” twice.

Dan McKeown

Probably because they wanted to split it into two 5 hour sessions.

Alexander Micek

Topics in Dental Biochemistry = tomorrow!


Dan McKeown

Be Champions!

Alexander Micek

I answered questions about Topics in Dental Biochemistry and now I will no longer have to attend this class! Success!

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