Ugandan Skateboarding

Uganda Skateboard Union’s Video Preview:

Please take a look at the talents of Uganda’s original skateboarders. The Uganda Skateboard Union has been successfully operating in a suburb of Kampala for over a year now. The organization is fighting idleness and boredom by introducing skateboarding to disadvantaged youth. The skate park shown in the video is the first and only park in the country and it was built entirely by hand by the youth of the community.

The thing that strikes me about these Ugandan skateboarders is not only their awesome sense of humor (see: man in cape and diving goggles) but their skill. The baseline skateboarding skill is pretty darn high — let’s hear it for natural athleticism! Also… you can visit ugandaskateboardunion.org to donate to building another skatepark. (via airbag)

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Dan McKeown

I am torn about this. My parents live just down the street from the skatepark in Woodbury and I am hardly a fan. I appreciate the goal of the Uganda Skateboard Union (fighting idleness and boredom), however, I would never donate to help build another skatepark in another community. I am sure there will be plenty of people who will disagree with my view and I do understand most arguments in favor of skateboard parks. Seeing them in practice, however, has spoiled my view on these as being a positive landmark in any community. I will not begin to try to make an argument one way or another concerning the cause/effect of these parks, all that I can draw from is my experience and it has been far from positive in my neighborhood.

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