Waiting on Some Warmth

I want summer so badly I can barely contain myself. I mean, I can’t remember ever having pre-spring fever with this intensity. I day-dream about going outside without a protective covering of down, wool, and leather. Dimly, I remember a time when it was still light at 9pm and the warmth of the day lingered through leisurely dinners on patios. Tennis, running, basketball. Swimming holes, lawn sprinklers, sunburns.

Winter is great, but there’s just so much of it; this February/March time is just a brutal wait for warmth. So, (with apologies to and inspiration from the poetry of Mykala)… to pass the time, some language evocative of the coming summer:

Didactic Gaea
It’s not the sunlight, scattered across the surface of the lake
Nor is it the birdsong of clipped harmonies
Or the paddle, dipped into the satiny water

It is none of these things

It is the instrument we become
Resonating with our surroundings
Suspended by water
Struck by light
Caressed by twilight

… … …

Hopefully that won’t classify as “bad poetry, oh noetry,” but you never can be too sure.

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I assume your weather is still somewhat constant – cold. Here in Oklahoma it’s that time of year where Mother Nature teases us with 75 degree temps and warm southerly breezes one day and 30 degrees with fierce northerly winds the next. Then, in the blink of an eye, it will be 100 + degrees with no breeze making everyone wish for fall. For me the only thing worse would be to have no seasons at all.


Yeah, think about that: no seasons. I don’t really think I could appreciate nice, warm weather if it stayed around all year. I can’t imagine an October or November without the reds, oranges, and yellows in the trees accompanied by the brisk air of a true autumn. I especially cannot imagine a Christmas or winter without snow. I also think the changing seasons help to keep us aware of the slow (or not so slow) passage of time. Yeah, seasons are important. Distinct seasons are great.

Alexander Micek

I agree, guys. Our latitude seems to change not only our perception of the passing seasons, but also the way we perceive the passage of time. I don’t know if weather is a not topic everywhere, but it’s always discussed in Minnesota. Also: I didn’t realize Oklahoma got that hot!


Oh yes, daily highs of 98 - 108 are pretty common during August and September.

Mother Nature did it again this week. High temp on Wednesday pushed 70 degrees, then the bottom fell out with 6 to 9 inches of snow yesterday. Even Dallas TX (couple of hours further south) picked up an inch or two.

The weather is always a hot topic around these parts.

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