Relative cost of video game consoles throughout the years

Relative cost of video game consoles throughout the years - Check this out: the Sega Saturn, when first released, was equivalent to $524 in today’s money. Compare to the forthcoming PS3’s $500-$600 mark.

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I would love to buy a PS3 right when it debuts, but with a 600 dollar price tag, you can bet my cheap-ass is gonna wait until the price goes down. I mean REALLY goes down.

Dan McKeown

Yeah I am doing the same with the 360 which will go down about 100 dollars when the ps3 comes out from what I hear. On another note, I was made aware that Sony is actually selling the PS3 for 400 dollars less than it takes to make them. They are in trouble.


A blue ray player, which the ps3 will be, should run you from around $800 to $1200 from what i've heard so a $500 or $600 price tag shouldn't be too bad.

There will be two models of ps3 (much like they did with the 360). The $600 version will have something like a 60mb hard drive on it along with the motion sensitive controller Sony invented for the Ps3. This is all pretty preliminary stuff and may not be entirely accurate but I do what I can.

Release date for Ps3 11/17/06

Alexander Micek

I know what you mean, Nils - I'm just about ready to bite on the price of the PS2

Markoe, you know your stuff. I believe the lower model of the PS3 will be upgradeable to the level of the higher PS3 with everything but the HDMI out specs (which would be part of the mobo, anyhow). But as you said, still preliminary.


After looking at the pricing graphs again, I was reminded of all those failed systems from our younger years. My friend had a Turbo Grafx 16, and I used to play a sweet ninja game on it. I used to think that the 3DO looked so sweet in commercials, and the Neo Geo also looked pretty cool to me in magazines that were advertising it at the time of the release. I also remember an early ad for the playstation and I remember thinking that that system was going to tank. Man was I wrong. But I did some research and found out that the Playstation was born because of Nintendo's foolish idea to scrap an SNES and breach contract with Sony. Sony had done so much research that they decided to finish their game system on their own, which Nintendo tried to sue upon its release. There's some videogame trivia for you guys, and now I feel like the biggest nerd in the world.

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