Spring Blossom #3

Spring Blossom #3

Lens at 43mm, ISO 100, ƒ/7.1, 1/250s
Snapped Apr 22, 2006 at 12:57pm

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Wait, Schoenecker Arena? Schoenecker is my mom's maiden name… crazy…

Alexander Micek

It's a small world after all It's a small world after all It's a small world after all

Sing along!

But seriously, Shayla - that is odd. Does your mom know these stadium Schoeneckers?


Yes, indeed… I think they are her cousins. I asked her yesterday.

Dan McKeown

Alex, I do not know a single person that actually likes that song, I really wish you had not sung it in your post.


I think it's a cute, catchy little song and fits perfectly with the cute, exciting ride in Disney World.

I am not even almost serious.

Dan McKeown

Oh that is good news Nils, very good news indeed.

John T F Larson

I'm pretty sure that that song is banned in most jails, because it is considered cruel and unusual punishment. I even had to sit through that ride one time, it was absolutely terrible.