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With the recent dusting of snow and the consistently cold temperatures, I think biking season is over. This means I have already taken my last ride with Ess on the front handlebars. It gives a dad watery eyes: the first realization of this, and then typing up the thought now. It’s hard to see something that brought so much joy be taken away by dispassionate, objective time. It makes you feel small, powerless, helpless. Mykala anticipated this day six months ago, and when I wasn’t thinking of taking a bike ride this past summer, she was, and got us out for jaunts I wouldn’t have even thought of. Even Ess helped out: asking to go on rides when I least expected it.


Sunset at the Wedding

Sunset at the Wedding

Picking Leaves

Picking Leaves

Pear Tree

How many birds are in that pear tree?

Caribou Lake

Caribou Lake

Hudson Panorama

Hudson Panorama

Encino Oak

A Tall Tree’s Tale; the beginning and end of Encino California’s 1,000 year-old oak.

Heartsick, I myself took nothing more than a single, small leaf that I still have. It was enough.

Tree Frost

Tree Frost

Another Sunrise

Another Sunrise

Cut Time

I took a picture a little over ten years ago and I want you to take a look not at the foreground (hi, Steve and John!), but rather at the background. See that maple tree back there? That’s in my parent’s neighbor’s yard. The Nelson family: Ken, Reenie, and Ken Jr. (‘Kenny’ to me and Katy). Kenny and I grew up next-door neighbors, and his parents lived there next to mine since 1991. Almost a quarter of a century, now.


Friday Sunset

Friday Sunset

Lower Gooseberry

Lower Gooseberry

Superior Overlook

Superior Overlook

Gitchi Gummi Trail

Gitchi Gummi Trail

Queen of the Forest

Queen of the Forest

Almost Sunset

Almost Sunset

High Country

High Country

Seymour and Franklin

Seymour and Franklin



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Sunset Over Leaves

Sunset Over Leaves