New Year’s Eve

Well, it’s been one heck of a ride this year, folks. The site received a complete overhaul, a long-anticipated digital picture section, and recently some ads to test out a new revenue stream. No, I don’t anticipate tumbledry “selling out” in the near future - we don’t get enough traffic to do that. But running a website still costs money, and we aim to offset that wherever possible. This year I blew up my first stuff in summer chemistry lab (the glass top of a sep funnel), drank my first cup of coffee (black), ran my first almost-sub 20 minute 5k (20:08 i think), had my first weird knee injury (still have to get that looked at), saw my first cross-dresser in person (at Whole Foods), got my first iPod (thanks, everyone!), grew my hair out long for the first time (it was curly), ate my first crab (less than 24 hours old, shipped chilled), and dissected my first cat (more fun than I would have thought).

I’ll be around next year, which is the year where I try to get into dental school. Your memories from last year, everyone?

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Alexander Micek

Also, for some reason this seems to be the year of Chuck Norris. Go figure.


I'll let them read my memories at my site. If anyone reads anyways. Have a good new year's alex… maybe I will see you. I don't know right now… then again… I've kindof been lost myself the past few days.


It's hard to look back at the past year and remember certain moments, there is just so much there. My biggest "first" would probably be living in my first apartment, which was awesome. Also bought my first cell phone (I held out for a long time, which I am proud of). Hmm, finally benched over 200, that was pretty cool. And now to start off '06, I will be out of the country for 6 and a half months in Norway and a month or so in the rest of mainland Europe, backpacking with the bro. I will be a changed man when I set foot on American soil next. Happy New Year Tumbledry readers!

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