Playing Host

I have all the music required to host one effing cool dance party. Ideally, the event would incorporate the best of hip hop and euro dance music, opening the eyes (well, ears) of people on both sides of the dance music spectrum. There are some tracks by ATB, certainly one Oakenfold, some PvD, and others that I would love to share with a dance floor. I’ve got the amps and the speakers … and with a borrowed projector shooting iTunes visualizations onto a wall, things could be pretty sweet. I am missing, however, a critical part of this equation. And don’t say “people willing to attend.” I’m missing a venue. Slot this into the equation, budget a hundred bucks for miscellaneous ephemeral costs, get a group with the right dynamics together, and we’ve got ourselves a sweet sweet night ahead. Folks in the country generally do stuff like this in barns, which makes a whole pile of sense: no noise violations, a big space that is easily cleaned up, and parking galore.

Very few places like the barn ideal are available in the city. Furthermore, I am not willing to rent a venue … it’s too artificial. This is an event that has to come together organically, when someone says “yeah I think I know a place …” it has to be an event that people want to go to and will do something to make it work. A basement, right now, is the best bet. For complex logistical reasons, a dance party may forever exist only as a pipe dream, but will certainly remain in my mind as “that cool thing” which, if pulled off, would be pure magic.

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