Yesterday, while biking at a furious pace to check-out a book and photocopy it in time for a noon deadline, I found myself skidding almost completely sideways for 20 feet at 19 miles an hour. My bike tilted from the normal 90 degrees to the ground in slow motion. 80 degrees. 70 degrees. As it did so, my brain managed to register the high pitch squealing coming from my tires, a squeal which was abruptly stopped when my pedal slammed into the ground and bounced me back to a normal, upright riding position. I laughed nervously, and continued biking.

I don’t think my rear tire spins true anymore.

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i hope someone didn't see you. because i would have done that in front of quite a crowd. then i would have been embarassed. it is good to see your pedal bounced you back up, right where you belonged.

Alexander Micek

haha, thank you Jordan! though you should remember that, if this had happened to you, your telling of the story on your website would have been funnier than my own.

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