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You should really talk to Chester Wilson he helped me out alot with my self esteem issues.

Richard Roche

if alex is stupid, I belong in "special" classes


Hmmm… turns out you don't actually know Mr. Micek. You'd be awfully surprised…

P.S. I love Chester E. Wilson (aka Chet the Goof)


Ok, I retract my earlier statement. My new statement should be noted, and is as follows:

While Alex is one of the most intelligent people I know at the moment, he has been known to do some fairly unintelligent things from time to time. I sincerely hope he elaborates on this post, because the entire online world should have the opportunity to share in the situation to which he is referring.

And I still love Chester E. Wilson. Very much so.

Alexander Micek

Haha, alright, here we go:

I set two alarms to wake me up on Friday morning for my 8:15 test. They were set to 7:20 and 7:30. I don't remember the first. I turned the second one off, thinking I was going to get up, but that's the last thing I remember until I woke up at 8:32 in the freakin' morning.

I ran out of my room, no socks, random clothing and a jacket … was able to take the test late, alone in the classroom next door. Had to go to the science building's café to get a pencil to take test.


Hey, this is nothing to be disappointed about in the slightest. That's actually pretty awesome. Think about it: you got more sleep than you would have, and you DIDN"T miss the test…what's not to like? I wish I could pull something like that.


I especially like the part where you have no socks and no pencil.


They should put tests in the afternoon for this reason. I think they just try to weed out the irresponsible students by putting them in the morning ;) . I feel ya Alex. I have two alarms set for the morning, set at the same time so they are incredibly loud. Then I sync my cell phone with a high ringer alarm, underneath my pillow. And sometimes this doesn't work, but it does wake people up in the basement…


Everyone's forgotten a pencil before. What sucks is when you get to campus and first realize it, and there is usually nothing (stores) open at 7:30 in the morning. So have any of you scavenged the floor for any sortof pencil? Looked on the streets, under benches, vending machines? Even thought about stealing one from someone you don't know? It sucks! I've done it many times before. Then you finally find one and start to wonder… where the crap it's been and why someone got rid of it. But you know you need it, so you keep it. Then you get to class, and they have golf pencils up front. That's the worst.


When I don't have a pencil, I just ask someone to lend me one in class. Isn't that easier?

Dan McKeown

no, no its not

Alexander Micek

I was stuck in the classroom next door, which I searched Hi and Lo for a pencil, eventually coming up empty.

This forced me to go with "plan b" which was "look elsewhere." lol.

How's the end of the semester going for everyone, by the way?

Stephen Clappier

haha, hilarious alex

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