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I have said very little about this new design (it was whipped up in a frenzy of about one month), but I have received very positive and constructive opinions on it. It was a decently large pile of work and I have a few small things left to tweak (namely, making QuickMail scroll better) until I rest for an extended time from designing anything online. Nevertheless, to continue in the current feedback-from-readers vein, I wish to post this note from my girlfriend.

This is an invitation to all Tumbledry viewers who wish to participate. I believe our minds are being poisoned by subliminally sexual graphics displayed on tumbledry.org’s frontpage, and I would like to encourage all those viewing the page in its redesigned glory to locate and describe the graphics that I feel may be depicting sexually explicit material (i.e. there are two spermy-looking graphics near the top of this redesigned frontpage). It took me nearly fifteen minutes to explain to Mr. Micek what exactly it was that resembled sperm, and I feel that the innuendo is very blatant. I am asking for opinions on the matter, and I expect participation from the masses as far as this subject is concerned. Do it for the children, people. The morality of our country depends upon your actions.

Thank you,

I will politely side-step out of the spotlight and sit by to watch the comments unfold without me. So, I look forward to reading whatever discussion takes place, and I hope all avoid unnecessary visual trauma.

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Unfortunately, the front page is not merely limited to 2 spermoidal objects. In fact, I count in excess of 6, possibly more depending on the level of intoxication one may be in. However, you may be missing the true injustice unto us, the computer using public. I am talking about looking no further than your right hand. Yes, I refer to none other than the mouse. Oh they may have named it after a fuzzy pioneer of science, but it is in reality an oversized sperm. Who are we then to blame one blog for minor transgressions imposed upon us when in fact we are tortured by big business everyday? No, I bring no demand for reparations from our socially influenced webmaster. This problem lies inherently in the system, founded on primordial urges and to contest its existence is to challenge all that we are today. That is why this treasure hunt for sexual innuendos and other such objects can result in nothing other than a Pandora’s Box that this weary traveler does not wish to open. I advise you proceed in the same fashion and rejoice in the fact that a balloon is a balloon, a mouse is a mouse, an icon is an icon and nothing is a sperm, except for a sperm.


I like it


Richard, I appreciate your participation in this discussion. While you bring up some very interesting points, I must leave you with this reality… I cannot control “the man,” I can only control MY man. Baby steps, Richard. We must move forward, no matter the pace. Thanks again for your thoughts. The future of America lies in our hands. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again, Mykala

P.S. For those of you who are now terribly concerned about my and Alex’s relationship… fear not. I am kidding. I know that relationships must be based on equal power, understanding, blah blah blah :) Keep on posting, kids.

Me, Nils

We’re all too offended by pictures and icons resembling “obscene” items or figures, in this case with the little guys we call sperm. What’s so bad about them? Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for those fast moving critters, we wouldn’t be here today. Making fun of sperm is like chastising your mom, another key figure in the human re-productive cycle. For a more fair appraisal of the male reproductive substance, I will honorably hearken to Monty Python, kings among men, when I quote “Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate.” Point in case, sperms rock. I demand more of them.


I just read an article. I actually heard about it from Amber awhile back. But it was in Discover Magazine! Just because I’m viewing sperm on my laptop I thought I might comment on this appalling phenomenon. Supposedly, if you have your laptop (sitting it the “laptop” position) on your lap, it can raise the temperature down there by 2 degrees. This is enough to kill any viable little guys. I mean, damage to the Y carriers would be devastating. What would the Earth come to? I tried to shoot the article down saying there is constant regeneration. Well, this may be true, but the article stated that continued use for years on end could result in irreversible damage (probably destroying necessary precursors of the sort). Who uses their laptop everyday for years on end? Seriously, how long has this study been going… They said it can get as hot as an 6 additional degrees. I for one don’t believe any of it, but that is probably because I choose not to. I guess my “expert” advice is… if you want kids, don’t have sex after working on your laptop. If your not… I’m thinking, a new form of birth control?

Richard (Roche)

I was at first unsure, thinking that perhaps the similarity was coincidental, but after further scientific explorations I have reached the conclusion that there are, in fact, blatent subliminal (oxy-moron?) sexual messages on the front page of tumbledry. I have outlined my findings in this image: http://img164.exs.cx/img164/9746/tumblesex9mp.jpg

JJ Doughboy

As was pointed out to mykala in a conversation I had with her late at night…. There is nothing on this page that resembles any sort of sexual object what-so-ever. I have seen sperm, and sperm is a white gooey substance. It has no distinct shape like that which you speak of. It’s a liquid and it conforms to the envirnoment it’s in. So to say there are sperm like objects on the page, well… I’ve never seen sperm that looked like that….

And the ovaries comment… I haven’t seen any ovaries either, so as far as I’m concerned… They don’t exist.

Therefore: Your all crazy


I have to disagree with Mr. Doughboy. I, too, have seen sperm. And although it is a white gooey substance, magnified like, a million times, it does look like Mr. Micek’s designs! I have also seen ovaries, and I have felt them in my body (seeing as I am a woman!) and they do exist, and they do look like the other designs. Therefore, Mykala is right. Which is obvious, seeing as she is also a woman, and women are always right! Keep up the interesting designs Alex. Us college students have nothing else to do with our time!


I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Mr. Justin. Although I think everyone has seen the wonderous frosting substance… Amber is right, magnified quite a bit it does resemeble Alex’s subliminalness. I always told you Justin, the girl is always right. Alex, you better start listenin’ too. Don’t ask me why… I have seen dog sperm under a microscope in tiny female invaginations… They are remarkably similar in appearance to the ones you find above. Alex’s design although subtle, has lent an artistic hand to the wonders of reproduction. Well done Alex!


“Even honor students need to get their freak on.” - Me, said to Alex, a couple weeks ago.

That having been said, leave Alex alone! So there’s some… things that look like… other… things… and although it seems like a conspiracy I’m sure it’s just his subconscious mind reminding him of his (and every man’s) constant desire.



Ah, the prudes have always shunned true art.

Of course that first icon represents a sperm; of course the second icon represents the female reproductive set. These are not interpretations open to debate.

To understand what Alex has accomplished, you must question WHY there are sperm and ovaries on his webpage. Why are the sperm on a larger scale than the ovaries? Just how much of the female reproductive set is that? (I say cervix and onward; no canal, no orifice, no labia, etc. However, for further ahem exploration of this topic, when you post a comment, look at the icon next to “Add A Comment.”) Why is one sperm swimming toward an ovary, the other away? Why is there a monkey?

I will allow you to derive your own meaning from this. After all, good art (which this certainly is) is a conversation between artist and audience, with no absolute meaning. But I offer hints: I see overtones of male dominance; female insufficience, even. Shifting modes of sexuality and means of reproduction are certainly some things to keep in mind. The monkey may be two-fold: scapegoat of evolution or a toy for a child. And remember, tumbledry is a place of commentary, critique, and reflection, and these icons are significant toward that end.

Thanks for reading, Sagert


Sagert has brought up some vaild points that I would like to divulge on a little bit. Male dominance: DUH. Males are obviously better at life than females. But, females have their cooking and cleaning skills. They do beat us there. But back to the focus of this debate, males=better than females. There was a Christopher Columbus, not a Christina Columbus, a George Washington, not a Georgia Washington, Alexander the Great, and never an Alexandria the Great. My God, males have done a whole lot of awesome stuff. I stand proud to be of the dominant sex myself. Alex, thank you for illustrating this point in such a subtle fashion. You are a genious…..probably because you have a penis.


Nils, if males are so much better than females… why can’t you spell genius?


Let me express my deepest sympathies for making a spelling error in my previous post. As I was typing fast, pulling things from the top of my head and chose not to proof-read what I wrote, a single error slipped. I guess I’m human after all. All right, gotta run. Rock on males!

p.s. For anyone who thinks I seriously this sexist, let us not forget about a thing called sarcasm. Internet has a way of hiding that quality.

JJ Doughboy

For what it’s worth… How many females do you know that have the following:

(From most likely to least likely and yet Alex has all of these) 1) A website 2) A self coded website (meaning you wrote the html for it) 3) A self coded dynamic website (meaing you wrote the php for it) 4) A self coded dynamic website that meets all the xhtml standards (meaning you actually knew what you were doing) 5) A self coded dynamic CSS website that you did all the artwork for? (meaing you knew more than what you were doing).

That said, I don’t know a single male that has female reproductive units… So maybe they are better. After all, it is Valentines Day.


Wow Justin. I guess you really know what’s important in life…

Nils - of course I knew you were sarcastic. Actually I found your post pretty humorous. I just had to say something for the ladies. We’re really not so bad.


who is this mykala? she is amazing alex. where did you find her? you are one lucky man, ma’am!


Two things: 1) Thank you to Jordan.

2) I am very concerned about the number of you who seem to be having trouble differentiating between sperm and semen. Sperm IS NOT a white, gooey substance. Semen is most certainly white and gooey, but this is simply the nutritous jelly home for our friends. Goodness gracious, people, I am seriously a little bit worried about those who are completely lacking knowledge of human anatomy and biology procreating. Maybe some of you should have paid attention in eighth grade sex ed…

Sidenote: Nice disscussion, though. You have kept me entertained. Thanks to all who played.


I sure feel bad for those people who do not have dotted lines under their names (signifying a personal website). How unfortunate some people are…




Oh not you Mykala. You are cool even without a dotted line.


I had thought that this was all in fun… but apparently not. Amber, I didn’t mean to say anything that would offend you or Justin. I was just joining in on the fun. My apologies if you’re offended.


I didn’t know sperm could cause such a controversy… I think this is Alex’s fault. LOL. Just kidding.


Shayla, you didn’t offend us at all! Why did you think that? I hope I didn’t say something that sounded like that… But you did not at all! This is all in fun :-)


Okay… good… it’s so hard to tell on the internet sometimes, you know? I thought you were implying I wasn’t cool because I didn’t have a webpage, and I had said to Justin “You really know what’s important in life!”.. and.. . I thought that made you mad… yeah, you know… I’m paranoid… anyway… good… carry on with the posting!


Aww, isnt that cute everybody made up…..now that that is settled back to business… I for one believe that alex is slowly but surely phasing out the old tumble dry in favor of a pornographic website for his own monetary gain. While I, like many of you, enjoy the the occasional boobie I am here to say to Mr. Micek that, after much research into the subject, there are plenty of these websites on the internet and you should continue with what you have going on right now. I particularly enjoy your critiques on the food at the cafeteria and the binz. I thank you for allowing me to express my feelings on the subject. Peace out my homies!

Ryan M. Markoe

JJ Doughboy

Porn eh? Well, I guess he would have to talk to me about the hosting. Let me know Alex.

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