This website: where is it going?

In the past month this site has gone from nothing, to a little more than nothing. But, the foundation is being laid. mySQL is being used to allow for truly dynamic design and content possiblities. Additionally, only two sections remain to be opened; links and pictures. The future is looking pretty good as there are literally hundreds of quotes in queue for addition and innumerable sources containing inspiring thoughts for that section. The links section promises a fair selection although some time will need to build that up. The pictures section holds some exciting possiblities, possibly some 35mm prints or negatives will be converted to digital galleries. In the meantime, the the old designs of this site will be uploaded to that section as well. On top of that, some purely digital ‘art’ will be added as well in a small little gallery. Hopes for the future: themed sections of the picture exhibition. For example, the flower shoot, the moon shoot, the landscape shoot, and actually in the works right now; the car nameplate shoot. So, thats the scoop, more PHP coding and more database dabbling and the site will be in the next month. Your traffic is anticipated greatly.

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