Random Bible Quote: Sir 37.27-28

This is an interesting random quote to stumble across. Only trouble with randomness is that it can be tough to tie into one’s daily life. For example, you might sit there and reload the front page of this website until the random quote shows what you are looking for. Or you might go off and drive randomly somewhere and discover you feel no better than when you left and all you did was waste some petrol. Anyhow:

My child, test yourself while you live; see what is bad for you and do not give in to it. For not everything is good for everyone, and no one enjoys everything.

Parphrased: all things in moderation. This has its good and bad sides. Class-work, for example, always good to take assignments in moderation. Food, not always easy to take in moderation. Look at Americans; 19.8 of Uncle Sammers are overweight. This is not exclusively associated with lack of moderation in people’s lives, but self control is often an issue. So moderate food, ok fine that’s well and good but everyone knows they should watch what they eat. How about moderating work? A person can love their job and live at their place of employment, but if they neglect their family, how has that helped anyone involved? And as always, its easier to criticize and point out problems then to suggest solutions. Additionally, this issue is broad, thus a ‘quick fix’ is not in order. But, this does’t prevent a suggestion from being presented to the forum. Solution: Eat when you are hungry, rest when you are tired, and go like hell from there.

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