Stuff from August, 2000

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on August, 2000.

Closing In

So I thought school was close before. Now its actually getting close and I’m starting to think about it! Yuck. Good and bad I guess. Just got back from vacation here so I’ll be adding to the site; I hope to open just a bit before school starts. That way, I can just do front page updates during the school year. I’ll keep it short, ‘cause no one’s readin’ this anyways.

Now Opening

Three parts of the community section opened today. The Guestbook, Links Listing, and Community Listing section. Sign in at ‘em today! The guts of the site are almost done. After those are finished, I will be adding to the Community section with a Forum and Picture post (hopefully).


Ha! After some struggle, my automatic news system is up! That means, instead of taking all the time to enter silly code and upload dumb files, etc - all I have to do is fill out a form and the front page is updated along with the archived news page! In other words, more updates for you, less time spent for me. The observant person will notice now that when the article is written, the time it was posted is given down to the second. The clock is a bit off, like an hour I think, but I’m on this server for free so I don’t mind dealing with it. In addition to all this, I am now going to make the attempt to update the site daily. Now that the form made that so easy, this goal shouldn’t be too difficult. I look forward to actually posting some interesting things.


Now Enjoying

Getting into this easy update thing with my website. This is the second item added with the new scripts. (If I told you the location of them, well then not only could you copy them, but add your own updates to my site. Wouldn’t want that.) (That’s two updates on consecutive days.) (smile)…..Guess tennis was off for Saturday? Yeah. Well went to my mom’s community band concert down in Newport - near an oil refinery - today. Two loud trains during the music. Take what you can get. Nothing much for anybody today. Finishing the site in these days following. Then there will be even more nothing for you. Actually, the funny e-mail section (coming soon) is rather funny and has some scrumptuous programs for your consumption as internet users. Send your own e-mails here.



8 days ‘til orientation. That’s not very much!! Dang. Oh well. I’m still working on finishing this site before school starts. I’m almost working hard on finishing the sections. Not really though. Lots of things to learn and not much time to learn them in. Good thing I learned how to do this news thing. If it wasn’t so easy for me, you probably wouldn’t get any updates. It’s a nice change to be able to ramble randomly readable rymes instead of sending stupid scores of slimy slippery symbols. Enough about that. Traffic is a little low lately. Then again, it has never been high. I need more links off of other people’s websites. The number of links from other websites right now is “0”. Zero. Zilch. Time for publicity here. I’m sure I won’t do much of the sort. Oh well.


Charging Closer

My patience muscle has been stretched. Too far. The computer decided to crash whilst I was in the midst of one of my most witty and interesting news items. Boy you guys missed out. My attempt to top my witticism, etc. follows. Speaking of muscles I found out today that volleyball practice is harder than I imagined. I’ll have to keep imagining, though, because I haven’t practiced volleyball in a long time. Maybe ever. Well that rates about a 0 on the making sense scale. I’ll try harder for the next thing. Cool link coming in this update, stay tuned… Having lots of time to think about the approaching year of school, I asked my trusty, well connected, and witty friend, Matt P. for advice.


Music, Bike

Right now, I’m listening to an awesome instrumental by Moby. It’s called “Love Song for my Mom”. Moby is cool and his coolness is more widely recognized in Europe were people have different (dare I say better? no better not…) tastes. I should work on my transitions from subject to subject in these news items because otherwise my English writting will be an exercise in linguistic horror lacking grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. Frightful, isn’t it? Speaking of fright, my bike chose to cease operation today. The bent drive chain coupled with a warped rear rim prompted my well meaning attack with a hammer to try to straighten things on the bike out. The bike repair guy informed me my rim might be “toasted”. Dang. My main mode of transportation is now in the shop until Thursday. Seven days on a racing bike with an uncomfortable seat is not my idea of how to end the summer. What will be, will be. Last time, (when my mom ran over my bike), the same bike repair guy informed me my front rim was “tacoed”. Hey, these guys fix my bike, so I’m not complaining. Let’s hear it for the adjective happy people in the bike repair world. That’s all from your bikeless friend Alex.



During the course of MP3 quality evaluation and susequent downloads, issues of song age and distinction are likely to come up. Matt P. and I were discussing an old song, specifically, “Missing” by Everything but the Girl.



“I never forget a face but in your case I’m willing to make an exception.” - Groucho Marx. Or how about “Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.” Translation: “Whatever is said in Latin, sounds profound”. Enough of that. We almost got rid of our tree today. Luckily, we were able to make room so we didn’t have to throw out the Norfolk Island Pine. I think I’m getting tennis elbow. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse. Enough about quasi-medical conditions. I’m watching a TV special about Johnathan Winters. Funny guy. Well I have slowly come to the realization that I won’t be able to supply something funny for everybody everyday. So, content quality and quantity will vary.


Last Minute

Got a new mouse today. It’s optical so no dumb trackball lint problems. I can use it on my shirt, too! And picked up some new anti-virus software. Still reading Heretics of Dune. I fear as I have been reading the series that I have not made enough guesses or connections about the plot. Because of this, the information presented later on which was intended to clarify guesses has been passed over by me and only taken at face value. This may detract from my understanding of the plot and the books themselves as a whole. Then again, the time that has passed between books has been long. This could be my problem. A re-read may be in order. I’m awakening from the dream of summer and looking forward to the coming school year. School creates more stress, work, and scheduling than I normally have to deal with. The best plan may be to keep reading books throughout the year; escape literature has a value more than distracting the mind. It seems to enrich while diverting. Time for me to skeedaddle.