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Falling Over


Ess is negotiating with a tickle-banana brandished by her mama.

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Catapult Game

Funny Dinner

A few nights ago, I was upstairs taking care of a few chores when I heard Mykala laughing in our room. Then, I heard our Essie giggling right along with her! It’s pretty uncommon for Ess to laugh in the first place, much less for both her and her mom to be sharing a joke. It turns out that while lying on her side and eating her milk dinner, Ess managed to take off her sock, and then proceeded to wave it for the entirety of her meal. Then, when she was done eating, the sock went right into her mouth. This got her mom laughing, and Ess responded in kind. That’s some kind of joy, walking into a room where your wife and child are both laughing uproariously. I am so very lucky.


Hi Essie,

Most of yesterday and into last night you were uncomfortable. We could tell that you wanted to be your smiley, playful, charming self but something was going on in your stomach-region that was hurting. You’d start to smile and play and then suddenly it was clear that something inside was interrupting your agenda. During one of the sunny spots where you were smiling a big wide-open grin that you’ve figured out just in the last few days, your mom was making raspberry sounds with her tongue at you, and then: you laughed! It was unmistakable, so lovely, and we both teared up.


Conan O’Brien Quote

If you can laugh at yourself loud and hard every time you fall, people will think you’re drunk.

— Conan O’Brien, Harvard Commencement Address, 2000

Rat laughter

Rat laughter - Animals laughing — I think that’s swell.

Movie: Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge has a scene in it that made me cry tears of laughter. I was absolutely in stitches during it. Thing is, my favorite scene is not my usual physical comedy (of which the movie is chock full of brilliant set-ups and take-downs), but a brilliant twist on an idea. I’ve already told Matt, Steve, John, Erin, and Dan what this scene is … and I fear I may have ruined its impact in doing so. SO, here we go … if you (1) forgot which scene I said was my favorite or (2) never heard which scene it was in the first place, and (3) have seen the movie … do try and guess which scene I am talking about. I’ll be sure to leave a comment about it after more of you have had the chance to see the movie. And see the movie you will. I rather mistakenly said “if you do not see the movie, I will take you and pay for you to see it.” Some threat.


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