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Ice Cream at Maybel’s

Ice Cream at Maybel’s

Birthday Food

Birthday Food

Eating salted caramel coconut ice cream for Mykala’s birthday.

Ice Cream

The Best Dinner

This is a picture of the best dinner I ever had, this past September 19th. Mykala made spectacular foods: fresh bread topped with bruschetta made from tomatoes plucked off our tomato plant no more than 10 minutes before we ate, roasted farmer’s market beets and goat cheese salad (stuuupendous), and a lovely (sweet) wine. Dessert was out and about: ice cream in the warm late summer evening. Perfect.

Banana smoothies

Mykala learned that you can produce an ice cream substitute using just a banana and a blender. The frozen delicacy apparently feels quite similar to ice cream in one’s mouth. She puréed an entire banana down to a surprisingly small amount of brown sludge… probably 2 tablespoons. So, Mykala’s first attempt went like so:


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Cookie Dough

Yesterday, just before the late-night power outage at Mykala’s apartment, we discovered that she is the same age as cookie dough ice cream.

Actually Ice Cream

Actually Ice Cream

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Izzy Worker

Izzy Worker

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Ice cream cone turner

Ice cream cone turner - This is almost as bad as the “bugle emulator,” which allows a guy to hold a bugle to his mouth at a military funeral, and have “Taps” be electronically played. Technology is so stupid sometimes.

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