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Driving the Golf Cart


In the past few weeks, I’ve had some very near misses with some very bad things.

(Almost) Bike Death
Seymour Avenue winds down a very steep hill as it approaches Franklin Avenue. At the intersection between the two, there’s a blind intersection controlled by a stoplight. In the winter, I come down this hill on my bike and turn left onto Franklin. 99% of the time, the light is red and I slow to a stop, but I’ve made it through on a couple of green lights in the past.


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960 Fails

A lady in South Korea failed her driver’s license test 960 times before passing. Here’s a Korean phrase, quoted from the article:

“Sajeonogi,” or “Knocked down four times, rising up five.”


Red Wing

Mykala recorded this one for me a while ago. It’s a comment I made while we were navigating (as we often do): “Goog 411 + GPS = Poor man’s iPhone.”

Anyhow, I think we’re really getting good at navigating… which is to say, we’re getting good at working together. On a whim, we took a day trip to Red Wing this past Sunday, and it was a blast. We took a hike, scouted out some things to do if we visit for a weekend (historical train and boat tour and etc.), admired a wonderful “Bed & Breakfast & Bread” placed called Round Barn Farm, and generally had a blast. The weather was threatening to rain, but was otherwise perfect in temperature. Here’s a picture from the top of Barn Bluff:


Unbelievably icy streets

Unbelievably icy streets - I don’t usually do YouTube video links … but holy cow this home movie of cars repeatedly slamming into one another is unbelievable.

One of the best blog posts of all time

One of the best blog posts of all time - It starts like a made up story, but continues with all the humor and twists only real life can provide.

Cars + People = Chaos

Humans have a fundamental problem with driving. We get into our little machines which have way more power than we realize, and toodle around, completely oblivious to everyone else on the road. Take, for example, my recent trek northwards on 35E. A trucker (who should know better) hit the left blinker, and seconds later, I saw 4000+ pounds of steel-encased gravel swinging my way. Perhaps he was used to people swerving wildly around him, in an attempt to save their lives. Tromping on the brakes, I watched the bed continue to follow the tractor into the left lane. It had all the grace and precision of a Toyota Sienna being maneuvered by a Nascar driver. Crazy, I thought, though the incident had handily removed the man who was tailing me. It reminds me of a joke: