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For our third wedding anniversary, I surprised Mykala with something she always wanted to do: learn how to work with molten glass. The look on her face as we pulled in to the Foci Center for Glass Arts was priceless! A few hours flew by as we learned how to pick up glass and try to work with it. We made paperweights.


A Few Days

Two days ago, we saw a live puppet theater in the backyard of a Prospect Park neighbor on Franklin Avenue.


The title of the production was “The Adventures of Juan Bobo”, and the second half of it, which we caught, was really fun. The live accordion player made it really… lovely, too.


2 Years

2 Years

This is us during our 2-day-prior to our 2-year-anniversary celebratory dinner out. It was an absolute blast. We savored and shared our way through a delicious 4 course vegetarian flavor fest at a tremendous Minneapolis restaurant called Restaurant Alma.

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Alma Menu

Alma Menu

Alma Sign

Alma Sign



That’s a Farm Girl Saison from Lift Bridge Breweries in the foreground.

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Mykala’s Ready for Our Anniversary

Mykala’s Ready for Our Anniversary

Alma Stone

Alma Stone

The little stone in the foreground was a silverware rest. I hadn’t seen anything like that before.

Mykala, Basket, Trellis

Mykala, Basket, Trellis

Mykala is holding a gift basket sent by her sister, Kourtni. This is looking east from Round Barn Farm.



An old shed at the Round Barn Farm.

Round Barn

Round Barn

This is the original Round Barn, namesake of the farm we stayed at.



We celebrated our very first anniversary at the Round Barn Farm in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Mykala is demonstrating the rope swing on the idyllic, perfectly groomed grounds.


My parents celebrated twenty seven years together today, and the event got me thinking about the blood, sweat, and tears that go into a partnership of almost three decades. It seems to me, from limited experience, that relationships are founded on the buoyancy of optimism, which initially keeps them afloat on the turbulent waters of life. It then also seems inevitable that one must (at some point) decide whether to jump ship or instead choose to be vigilant against the shoals that will founder and also avert becalming far out at sea. My sea-faring analogy stretches both your patience and my nautical vocabulary to the breaking point, so I must discontinue it … but surely you can see what I mean? After optimism, eventually you must make a decision.


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