Jordan Peele’s X-Ray Vision

Jordan Peele’s X-Ray Vision:

“I’ve noticed that the truth works. People can feel the truth. If you’re being yourself and you’re just using your own emotions, they can feel it. If you’re doing fake, they can feel it. It took me a while in comedy to realize that your truth is more powerful than your mask.”

For great advice, you can substitute “in comedy” with “in life”. And Wesley Morris’ entire profile of Peele is great; read it. But so that quote is an insightful and fundamental truth, yet it makes me think of the road that Peele took to get to winning an Oscar with “Get Out”. Specifically, the HILARIOUS sketches Key & Peele wrote and performed that can make you better understand racism, code switching, and black identity. Peele’s movie takes all those themes to another level of artistry, comedy, ambition.

Of course, since horror movies terrify me, I haven’t watched it yet. But I’d like to.

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