Stuff from May, 2013

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on May, 2013.


Watching the world turn upside down in the era of constant information:

In theory, big countries should dominate all sports because they have the biggest talent pool. But they don’t, because societies squander their talent.

Playfulness and Ive

With Scott Forstall out and Jonathan Ive now oveerseeing interface design as a part of his duties as benevolent head of Industrial Design at Apple, one can be pretty certain that rich Corinthian leather and green felt will be expunged from future software. (And yes, those examples are just how it looks, not how it works.)


Mykala’s Laptop

Mykala’s Laptop

After nearly 7 years accident free, Mykala accidentally spilled coffee on her laptop. We took it apart, cleaned the entire thing, put it back together, and it worked… for 4 minutes. This is the last picture of the laptop before it went to the laptop farm. We will miss you, you were a wonderful computer.

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

It’s finally spring.

Stroke of Insight

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight: “I knew I was no longer the choreographer of my life…”

And on what it is like to have a left hemisphere stroke: “And in that moment, my brain chatter — my left hemisphere brain chatter — went totally silent. Just like someone took a remote control and pushed the mute button. Total silence. And at first I was shocked to find myself inside of a silent mind. But then I was immediately captivated by the magnificence of the energy around me. And because I could no longer identify the boundaries of my body, I felt enormous and expansive. I felt at one with all the energy that was, and it was beautiful there.”

Evergreen Rain

Evergreen Rain

Rain Tulip

Rain Tulip

Yellow Rain Tulip

Yellow Rain Tulip


From an extended interview, whose quality I can not yet attest to as I have not finished reading it, Billy Joel on Not Working and Not Giving Up Drinking:



When I was in the college dorms from 2003 to 2007, students could freely exchange music between their libraries: I’ve ended up with over 20,000 songs this way, over 2 straight months of music. Running low on hard drive space, I recently took a closer look at my music library. I’ve listened to 7,033 of those songs. The most number of plays on a single track is 3572—that is the pink noise loop from SimplyNoise I used to block ambient noise when I was in school and studying in noisy public spaces. Anyhow, in college I grabbed entire discographies from artists just because I thought I should like them. The Who. Bob Dylan. 146 Bob Marley tracks.


Memorial Day

It’s been raining, dark, and cold all day but when I arrived home today, Mykala had put together an indoor picnic. I walked in the door and there was the love of my life in a floppy sun hat, wearing picnic clothes, cold drink in hand, Beach Boys playing in the background, picnic blankets on the floor, Roman Holiday queued up on the television.