Stuff from April, 2013

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on April, 2013.

Up and Running

I was running to my car outside the other day, and I planted my left foot to pivot. That foot was on ice, and completely slid out from under me. One moment I was up and running, and you know the way your brain leaves out the details when something painful happens quickly? The next nanosecond I was down on the ground. I laid there for a little while, thankful I had tugged my left leather & wool mitten on the hand that gave the ground a ringing SLAAAP. Up and running, down and not running.





Took out a really really difficult tooth today. #18 (lower left molar), root canal treated, very broken down. Nothing, and I mean no-thing, above bone. Whoa. Elevated a nice flap because I learned the hard way what happens when you do NOT do that… you end up with tissue that looks like hamburger when you are done, and at this point you start to wonder, seriously, that hackneyed phrase from your oral surgery attendings: “if you treat tissue like that, you’re no different than a butcher”. So, yeah, the tissue in this case was in great shape. Good to see. These roots, though, man. They currrrved into bone, down, and down.


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Content and Presentation

I just finished revisiting some regex code that begins like this:

preg_match_all('%{\$([^} ]+?)}%u', $template, $templateTags);

and becomes a rather bit more complex after that. I wrote it back in 2008. That aging code was sound but needed some updating; actually, I remember walking through Saint Paul, on my way to workout at St. Thomas (at a gym that no longer exists), puzzling through the right way to do nested parsing of template code. I wanted to be able to write these nice clean templates that this chunk of code would then take a look at and replace with content. What I mean is, if you can keep content apart from presentation, you are afforded a lot of flexibility. So, if in the future webpages are written in a completely different language, or if I want to produce an archival version of the site (say, a printed book) in a different format, then this code is the bridge between raw information (content) and final output (presentation).



Celebrated Vanessa’s 2nd 29th birthday yesterday. It was good to see the Ruperts, and even though their daughter Elli wasn’t there, I can’t believe how fast she’s growing up! I think my peers and I are entering a part of our lives when things become a childful blur.


Spring Christmas

It’s almost mid-April and we’re coming into a huge snowstorm. They’re saying somewhere between 8 and 20 inches starting tonight and continuing tomorrow. Mykala has planned a Christmas dinner for tomorrow night, the Santa nightlight is plugged in, I’m listening to Christmas music (“Christmas with the Rat Pack”), and getting a game of TextTwist going.


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This is my new picture for my new job.






Mosaic Lamp

Mosaic Lamp

Snow Shed

Snow Shed

April 14, and this is how our backyard looks. April 14! C’mon, spring.

Mykala & Elephant

Mykala & Elephant

Stitched Spring Snow

Stitched Spring Snow

B&W Mykala

B&W Mykala

Chopin, Op. 58

Let’s see, well I don’t know enough about classical music to correctly name this piece, but the one I’m listening to right now is performed by Lang Lang and is called Chopin - Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58, III. Largo. Ok, well now I feel guilty and I need to sort out this title. Ok, off to Wikipedia.