We are five days away from my final final final (final) board exam: “Central Regional Dental Testing Service, Part IV & V”. In this one, I spend 9 hours at the school working on patients, proving that I can do selected procedures at an acceptable clinical level. Doing the procedures isn’t hard, it’s the proving that you can do them that can be tricky. There’s a lot of paperwork, and a lot to coordinate.

If your patient fails to show up, you have two choices: get them on the phone and offer to send someone to pick them up and drive them to the school OR find a patient from a “backup pool” to work on. You really REALLY do not want either one of these things to happen to you.

So, right now we’re trying to figure out who will drive which patient where, if needed… and if we will put a patient up in a hotel for the night, due to the risk of snow.

Soon, I’m going to be past this.

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