Beautiful Fall

I visited my mom at home today. Took a long walk in the unseasonably warm weather. Checked out her bathroom remodelling. Got to talk like we haven’t talked in a long time. It’s a new perspective on time: you value the people in your life when they are taken from you for a while. Suddenly you see that things are always changing, that you must seize and savor the good moments.


Now I’m sitting here on the couch, working on some research for a paper about build-ups and flash cards for my ortho exam. Outside, it’s over 80°F… unexpectedly warm for a fall day in October. Framed by the picture window on our front wall, there’s a glorious diffuse yellow light making the whole street glow like something out of a movie. Leaves gently fall to the ground occasionally, like grains of sand in a slow-motion hourglass. I think the awareness of time ticking by is part of the magic of fall: it’s a reminder that all things are temporary, that summer gives way to winter. Such weather makes me slow down and think about how the preciousness of time and people.

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