3D TV is Stupid

Three dimensional television is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. It’s not the glasses that bother me. It’s the fact that the extra dimension is superfluous: two dimensions are perfectly evocative of reality. I believe that adding a third dimension just gives the TV networks and movie studios an opportunity to charge more for their broadcasts and films.

Moving pictures with sound: more realistic.
Moving pictures in color: more realistic.
Moving pictures in 3D: distracting.

Did I mention stupid? Dumb, stupid, stupid, dumb 3D TV.

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Justin Gehring

I’ll go as far to say that TV in general is distracting…

That said, I’m not sure 3D tv is a bad idea or not yet… I’m not convinced one way or another… Take for example the smaller version of it, the Nintendo 3DS, which is going to be the first 3D system to not require glasses or special headware…

From what I hear, it’s pretty dang cool, and thankfully, you can shut if off if you don’t like it…

If TV goes this same route eventually, I can see it becoming something you turn on for movies, or the occasional football game, but you probably leave off most of the time… The question is, will they figure out an optical trick to make it look legit to people in the room without the headware :-).


3D technology has come a long way. From Rad Racer to Disney Pixar’s Up, the technology has grown leaps and bounds. I think the distracting nature of 3D technology is when the extra layer appears superfluous. For instance, the Nintendo 3DS does not “pop out” at you, but it gives the picture depth. Many of the newer 3D movies that have been released rely more on depth of the picture vs flying images in your face. I haven’t personally witnessed any of the newer 3D TVs, but I have hope that with time and some common sense the 3D standard will be created and our movie and gaming experiences may be changed forever.

All that being said, I hope they keep the option of 2D TV available. It’s nice to return to the basics, like dusting off the old 8-bit. Also for those select people (Steve) who have motion sickness issues ;)

I hope 3D technology will be used to enhance the entertainment industry, not cripple it.

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