William Fitzsimmons

NPR’s Guy Raz interviewed William Fitzsimmons a week after I got married… William Fitzsimmons: A Songwriter With Vision:

RAZ: You were a counselor and you dealt with all kinds of grief, people who were dealing with it. I mean, you are writing about a divorce, and you’re essentially revisiting it over and over and over again, as you tour through the country.

Do you think as a counselor, you would give somebody this kind of advice, in a sense, to sort of revisit what they’ve been through?

Mr. FITZSIMMONS: No, I don’t think I would.

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Richard Roche +1

Thanks for this, I love that guy and his awesome beard

Mykala +1

He is my musical boyfriend. Well, one of them… shh, don’t tell Alex… and many of them have beards.

Alexander Micek

Beard update: Xavier Rudd.

Mykala +1

Add him to the list.

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