To the upper class-people of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, us incoming D1s must have looked like cows queueing up for the slaughter — doe-eyed and well-rested as we were. After this week is over, I’d finally call us seasoned professional school students. What a break-in.

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Dan McKeown +1

It took me three reads to understand what you meant by “upper-class people.” I had a brilliant visual of this small group of men dressed as 1890s railroad barons with cigars in hand while their women stood at a respectable distance with their parasols held delicately over their well covered shoulders. Needless to say I was confused as to what they were doing watching the D1s queue for slaughter. Perhaps they view for sport. Perhaps they are thinking of how to buy up the lot of you and resell to make a tidy profit. I suppose I will never know.



Alexander Micek

Dan, that was a superbly-crafted sentence. You hit upon a little-known fact: upperclass dental students generally closely resemble 1890s railroad barons.

With drills.

And cigars.

Also, mirrors and vacuums.

Four handed dentistry.

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