Movie: Flight Plan


This text will be here until I review the movie “Flight Plan.”


UPDATE: Time to review the movie. Mykala and I caught this one at the “ghetto” Forest Lake movie theather. Given its rather dilapidated state, it had comfortable seating and decent sound - it’s no UltraScreen (at which I still have to see a movie, and at which, coincidentally, Flight Plan is currently playing), but it was certainly acceptable.

Good Friday night movie - decent levels of suspense, good twist, and no horror-movie stuff (blood and guts kept to quite a minimum given the possibilities). As our local movie reviewer noted, Flight Plan plays off our previous experiences with characters. The last thing I expected was the guy from Skeleton Key (Peter Sarsgaard) and the guy from GoldenEye (Sean Bean) to play the parts they did. The thought “mysteries always introduce the guilty one in the first act” popped into my head, but quickly vanished as I was accelerated into the movie.

My previous experiences with horror films caused great recoil with the coffin scenes (I think my reference is vague enough to not be a spoiler), but the movie refused to slip into this genre just as it refused to end quickly or tidily. It pulled every last bit of tension it could in the final scenes, and I loved it. Some good old cat-and-mouse, some interesting twists, all followed by a satisfying ending.

Would watch again.

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