Stuff from October, 2004

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on October, 2004.

Football Players + Muscle Relaxers

Football Players + Muscle Relaxers - I laughed out loud and felt silly, but I did.

Hero Review

Hero Review - Must. See. Movie.

Heavy Things

When I lift, I usually retreat into my own head, which is a very useful sort of meditation that allows the superfluous (exercise) to mingle with the consequential. I was jarred from this state on two separate occasions during my recent lifting session. Dropping down from the bars and contemplating how good laying down on the floor might feel, I sensed someone approaching, trying to get my attention. A well built fellow, he quickly came quite close, invading my large American space bubble, and causing me to simultaneously wonder about his sexuality or country of origin. This immediately put me on the defensive. He was polite, though, simply commenting, “… that’s the toughest exercise I have ever seen anyone do here in the past two years.” My pre-packaged conversational responses were not exactly prepared to deal with a statement of this nature; all I managed was a jesting “I don’t think I can recommend it” to his back. Funny. Later on, while attempting to put the incline bar back on the rack it had come from, I missed the right side. Dropping your hand from a bar expecting nothing to come with it, but finding hundreds of pounds tagging along for the trip is a strange experience. The original shock missed my head, and I considered what to do. Gravity decided for me, and I watched the weights slide casually off the right side of the bar, rotating slightly through space and then bouncing off the urethane covered floor. BOOM. Clunk. Clink. Clink. Funny.



Zombies - A long story about one victim of illegal computer attacks. Surprisingly interesting (and scary).

Who loves the chocolate?

Who loves the chocolate? - I love the chocolate. (Courtesy Katy.)

A speeder caught by photo radar mails the police a picture of money to pay his fine.

A speeder caught by photo radar mails the police a picture of money to pay his fine. - It is true!

Glowing review of Green Day’s “American Idiot.”

Glowing review of Green Day’s “American Idiot.” - I should have a listen to this album.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Excalibur Club

Excalibur Club - Supposedly the best nightclub in Chicago.


Riverdance - I saw this on TV and the finale blew me away. Might be worth the money.

Puritanical TV Censorship

Puritanical TV Censorship

Hilarious TV Ad

Hilarious TV Ad - This actually makes me want to buy the product. Thanks, Nils!

Moving Right Along

Walking to class today, I saw a jet pass very close overhead. Going to the St. Paul airport maybe? It was funny to see everyone look up with their mouths slightly open and press their cellphones harder against their ears. One girl just held it away from her head and all I could see was her mouthing the words “there is a plane overhead.” When I reached north campus, more faces turned to another disturbance, this time a film crew. Big sheets to aim light, large cameras covered in black sheets, boom mics covered in wind-reducing fuzz - looked like a pretty big production. “I bet they are filming that thing for Aquinas Scholars” someone said as they passed by. From the looks of the girl in a very short, very non-St. Thomas cheerleading outfit, I guessed they were probably shooting something other than that. Perhaps I mis-read the situation. Without time for a gawker slowdown, I pressed on to art history.


Gonna Be Some Changes Made?

About once a year, I get the urge to refresh the look of things around here. The current incarnation of the tumbledry visual identity has stuck around for over a year, which is not common. But, once again, I am getting the urge to redesign. What would you all like to see? I do not know if I will go fixed width or liquid, image heavy or minimalist (probably the former). Regardless, I would like to lighten things up with a more inspiring color scheme, but keep our mascot (Largent the monkey) in some way, shape, or form.


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Whoah - Doug Bowman proves that bungee jumping is awesome.

The Choice 2004

The Choice 2004 - Now this is the coverage I have been looking for.

Homestar Commercial

Homestar Commercial - Funny spoof of an Apple commercial.

Walmart Near Teotihuacan

Walmart Near Teotihuacan - Walmart is building on a location that is ridiculously close to this ancient site of Mexican history. It is like building near the pyramids in Egypt. Note the quote, “[Walmart] is the flag of conquest by global interests, the symbol of the destruction of our culture.”

Two Weeks Worth of What Goes on in My Head

Life got a huge running start and then tackled me. Rough tests, weeks flying by, and trying to keep up with the different aspects of college (eating, sleeping, laundry, major preparation, clubs (joined the chem club, dropped the math club), and trying to get the kind folks at the U to talk to the folks at St. Thomas about transfers). On top of this, it has been raining for over two weeks straight (if you discount two or three gorgeous days, one that topped 70 degrees). The fall colors down Ford Parkway were absolutely gorgeous this past Saturday evening, a vivid yellow glow seemed to come from the trees and flow down the side streets. Fall really is a beautiful time of year.


Rain on Shoes

It was pouring rain on Thursday. In a lull, I ran outside and grabbed an umbrella from Lance. “Careful, it’s a death trap,” he said, handing me the slightly broken, wet bundle. I jogged up to north to meet a certain Mykala after her english class. Another downpour started. We ran from McNeely to the arches under the umbrella, and I could feel the rain pound into my shoes so hard that it came through the shoelace holes. We ran inside laughing, looking like our lower halves had been dunked in water. It was such a perfect moment that I felt like I was in a movie.


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