waferbaby - Waferbaby is the product of the mind of a creative, entertaining, unique, [Australian] man by the name of Daniel, aka d. The entire waferbaby website uses no caps and no pictures [unless they are in photo galleries or fusions]. Waferbaby’s elegant combination of design [the pixel work creating the 3-D effects is truly understated elegance] and technology [CSS, PHP, and mySQL always win] looks elegant both on the screen and inside the code. Unique features and offerings on the site include brainstorms [one question, many user-contributed answers], cards made by Daniel, a section called corner where web personalities are interviewed, fusion [its like the game ‘telephone’ except with pictures and e-mail], howto [user-contributed step-by-step guides on how to do nearly anything], hummer [a wonderful idea that generates random thoughts], pixhell [hilarious, wonderful, unique animations - nay - mini movies], and wallscrawl which is a board where one can write - and then post - any thoughts at all. Other, more typical, offerings include a daily log of thoughts from Daniel, an archive of past updates, hosted sites, a customization option, and a users section outlining the 1000s of members of waferbaby dot com. A broad user base combined with extraordinary ideas such as brainstorm and pixhell coupled to a powerful and dynamic backend make waferbaby a large and fun, but very personal website.

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