Random Bible Quote: Psalm 50.16-21

Is is possible for anyone to be completely and utterly wicked? Doesn’t everyone have some redeeming quality about them? Thus the question, does this Psalm speak to the truly wicked people or the wicked aspects in us all?

But to the wicked God says:
“What right have you to recite my
or take my covenant on your lips?
For you hate discipline,
and you cast my words behind you.
You make friends with a thief when you
see one,
and you keep company with adulterers.

You give your mouth free reign for evil,
and your tongue frames deceit.
You sit and speak against your kin;
you slander your own mother’s child.
These things you have done and I have been
you thought that I was one just like
But now I rebuke you, and lay the charge
before you.

Catholic Youth Bible, Saint Mary’s Press, copyright 1993, page 631.

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