Stuff from April, 2000

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on April, 2000.

The New PT Cruiser

Chrysler’s Newest Piece of Eye Candy is Suprisingly Affordable

Wow. Should I say much more? Well, on a more articulate note, this is really an amazing car! It is fairly cheap, too. At around 16,000 dollars, I think many people will buy this car not only for its great features, but also for its amazing looks. The ’30s look is present in the Cruiser’s bubbly styling. It always amazes me how an old anything can be modernized while still retaining some of the features that made it likable. For example, the Cruiser has a modern look while at the same time it has a reminiscent “old time” look. Makes you think of the good old days. Chrysler has outdone itself again. This is the second concept car that has been made into a production car. The Prowler was a concept car made into a production car, but it was too expensive for the general population. Now, here is a car with stunning concept car looks, but it is affordable! I had expected the price to be up around 30,000 dollars, but seeing it down at 16,000, almost half of my estimate, was a great surprise. I am curious to see how this car sells, people may not react well to it, as it does look rather odd by some standards. Then again, people young and old may embrace the old yet new look of the PT Cruiser. In more general terms, the Cruiser seem to be a part of Chryler’s continuing success as a car company. About 20 to 30 years back, the company was struggling and producing some downright bad cars. Since the first minivan, and probably a little before that, Chrylser has revitalized not only its image, but the quality and character of the vehicles it produces.


George Winston’s Newest Album is very good

I’m writing this article as I am listening to RealAudio clips of George Winston’s newest CD. Having heard a lot of his work, I am happy to say this album lives up to the high quality of Winston’s piano playing. I’ll let Windham Hill do the talking: