Texas Instruments makes a line of graphing calculators that are very well made and are used for intermediate to advanced math classes. But, many people have found the value of using these calcs for games to keep oneself occupied when math gets dull. Some games are quite good, and I encourage you to follow the links at right to see some really good games.

I used to program in BASIC on the TI-86, but now I don’t have the time or ambition to do that. I also tried Assembly on the 86, but only succeeded in making one program. In addition, I did a little BASIC programming on the TI-89. Now, I don’t code in any language and only use my calculator for an occasional game and a lot of math. For a while I did a fair amount of BASIC, so feel free to E-Mail me any questions, as I should be able to provide an answer. Take a look at the links, they are good informational sites that should give you plenty of games if that is what you want.


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