Stuff from November, 1999

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on November, 1999.


Texas Instruments makes a line of graphing calculators that are very well made and are used for intermediate to advanced math classes. But, many people have found the value of using these calcs for games to keep oneself occupied when math gets dull. Some games are quite good, and I encourage you to follow the links at right to see some really good games.


TI Chip Re-design

Plans Laid
Today I began working on the rough draft for the new design for TI Chip; my largest site. Currently, TI Chip has way too many ads, so I will be overhauling not only the apperance, but the archive system and file management system. All files will be moved to this server so TI Chip will be fast and ad free. I need to get access to a cable connection, though, to get the 20+ total megabytes of files re-uploaded to this server. When completed, the new address will be “http://www.ti.amicek.com”. It should take about a month to complete this total overhaul.