Sylvan Lake Sunset

Sylvan Lake Sunset

Spent an absolutely fantastic evening with Mykala and a picnic blanket on this little patch of grass by Sylvan Lake.

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Rocks and Sun

Rocks and Sun

East of Sylvan Lake

East of Sylvan Lake

North of Sylvan Lake

North of Sylvan Lake

High Country

High Country

North of Sylvan Lake #2

North of Sylvan Lake #2

Franklin Avenue Sunset

Franklin Avenue Sunset

Indian Summer Sunset

Indian Summer Sunset

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Mykala and I left the St. Louis Park Costco at sunset this evening. I got 110 servings (10 pounds) of Old Fashioned Quaker Oatmeal for $6.89. With horse-sized servings of cereal in the trunk, we set out for home. As you head into Minneapolis from the west, past the mansions on their faux bluffs just south of 394, your view opens up. Thanks to fortuitous timing, I had a perfect view of hundreds of little birds dotting the sky, on their way to roost. Skeleton trees, not yet pushing nascent leaves into the cold world, looked as though they’d jumped the gun and sprouted big berries: extended families of birds were waiting for sunset in the shelter of the branches.


The Best Dinner

This is a picture of the best dinner I ever had, this past September 19th. Mykala made spectacular foods: fresh bread topped with bruschetta made from tomatoes plucked off our tomato plant no more than 10 minutes before we ate, roasted farmer’s market beets and goat cheese salad (stuuupendous), and a lovely (sweet) wine. Dessert was out and about: ice cream in the warm late summer evening. Perfect.

Hawaiian Sunset


This is a picture of Mykala and myself on Front Street in Old Lahaina Town, Maui. (If you want to get technical, we were standing right in the middle of this map). It was our last night in Hawaii; the last night of our honeymoon. We watched the sun set together, and this was one of the last pictures my camera took before the battery died. The honeymoon was perfect.


Another Backlit Fair Picture

Another Backlit Fair Picture

Fair Sunset

Fair Sunset

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I love this backlit sunset technique; I’ve got to use it more often!

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Sunlit Flowers

Sunlit Flowers

Grass Skim

Grass Skim

I take a picture like this just about every year, each time a little different. I love grass and sunsets, so here you are.

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Red Light

Red Light

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Round Sunset

Round Sunset

I’m thinking it may have been good to crop to the sunset a bit closer. Who knows.