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Diamond Geezers: The Inside Story of the Crime of the Millennium

Diamond Geezers: The Inside Story of the Crime of the Millennium - From the summary of the book:

In November 2000, the most audacious crime ever attempted in Britain took place: the broad-daylight theft of a diamond collection worth £350 million from the infamous Millennium Dome, by a gang armed only with smoke bombs, stink bombs, a JCB, a speedboat and, bizarrely, a Catherine Wheel firework. The Diamond Geezers, a motley crew of petty criminals from south-east London, were desperate for cash and had nothing to lose, and the gems were in a poorly-guarded tent by the river - how hard could it be? But the police were on to them: the capture of the Diamond Geezers would save the Flying Squad’s tattered reputation. On both sides, there was everything at stake. This is the unbelievable story of the Crime of the Millennium.

Dutch store celebrates its 10,000th shoplifter

Dutch store celebrates its 10,000th shoplifter - Too good to pass up. Via kottke (only my third visit in the past 2 months!).

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