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Rock Painting

Mykala and Ess are a great painting team. I love this exchange:
“Here you go rock, there you go rock, gonna paint you rock. Rock live on paint. Paint live on rock. The rock cannot see you.”
“No? Why?”
“‘Cause the rock is hiding in the paint!”

Visiting the Rocks

Visiting the Rocks

Throwing Rocks into Lake Superior

Throwing Rocks into Lake Superior

Birthday Rocks

Birthday Rocks

Essie loves rocks. Even on her birthday. She’s showing these to Mykala right now.

Four Things about Ess

Hi Essie,

It has been so long since I have written to you! I must record a few things here that I fear we will forget:

(1) You have some things right now that make you unreasonably excited. When you are this excited, you’ll sit on the ground, stare at the object of your affection, stick your arms and legs straight out, tiny hands balled into fists, and go “AAAAAAAAH.” You’ll do this until you get to hold the thing, or until it is taken out of your sight. These things include:


Quarry Trail

Quarry Trail

Also Rock Picture Frame

Also Rock Picture Frame

Rocks and Sun

Rocks and Sun

East of Sylvan Lake

East of Sylvan Lake

North of Sylvan Lake

North of Sylvan Lake

Rock Picture Frame

Rock Picture Frame

Rocky Pass

Rocky Pass

One of six tunnels cut through rock.

North of Sylvan Lake #2

North of Sylvan Lake #2

Mick Jagger on Creativity

Mick Without Moss - The New York Times:

“You can delegate things to other people,” Jagger observes, “and you have to, to a certain extent, but if you’re not behind it and getting your knowledge and input into it, it’s not going to turn out as interestingly and probably it won’t be what you would like. It’ll be disappointing.”

On A Good Day

One of the best trance build-ups this year is brought to you by Oceanlab and remixed by Daniel Kandi. (This video is from a radio show, and I’ve got that “record of the week” whispering voiceover stuck in my head.) You can start making fun of me… now.


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Foo Fighters: The Pretender

The Foo Fighter’s latest single, ‘The Pretender’, off of their newest album “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace,” is one hell of a song. I use “hell” here instead of my standard “heck” because this is rock, and rock music deserved profanities in descriptions of it. So, give ‘The Pretender’ a listen. If you don’t get it the first time, give it another try or two. You’ll come around.

Perspective Shot

Perspective Shot

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Fair to Midland

Fair to Midland - The local rock station (93x) has been giving a little airtime to an up and coming band (exceedingly rare, since they’re owned by the Clear Channel bastards). So, I finally got a chance to look this band up, and it seems like they’re still pretty low profile.


SpongeBob Quote

His chops are too righteous. The helmets can’t handle this level of rock ‘n’ roll.

— Plankton, in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie