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The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet looks AWESOME. I hope I’m not proven wrong, but boy that looks like a fun movie. Who wants to see it? Well, let’s wait for the results from Metacritic (or Rotten Tomatoes). Then you can let me know.

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Beginning the Summer Movie Season

It’s a sad weekend at the movies when we’ve got the formulaic What Happens in Vegas (40 at Metacritic) and what is apparently the really shiny turd of Speed Racer (36 at Metacritic)… and not much else. I wouldn’t condemn either of these films before seeing them, but things are not looking up. For those looking to see a good film, here are some I’ve been hoping to catch (all on limited release):


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1983: Stereophile’s jubilant review of the first CD player

1983: Stereophile’s jubilant review of the first CD player - You see, when the compact disc came into the consumer space, it was a pretty big deal. An entire host of problems were completely eliminated:

… the sound was so opulently gorgeous it almost defied belief! It was a total incarnation of the perfectionist’s wildest dreams: rich, velvety, airy, awesome, liquid, yet incredibly detailed. There were none of the analog disc’s problems. No marginal mistracking, no subtle VTA-error distortions, no disc-resonance smearing, no feedback-induced low-end boom or mud, no ticks or pops or pressing grumbles even at the highest listening levels. And there was no analog-tape flutter or modulation noise or transient-rounding or print-through or hiss.


Review: Juvenile felis catus

Review: Juvenile felis catus - “A kitten will, however, enter this standby mode for most of each day. During this period, it is safe to approach, and will consume no food and little oxygen; you may wrap it in a blanket with impunity.”

The AV Club is impressive - great article about Sigur Ros

The AV Club is impressive - great article about Sigur Ros - This website should be the premiere media review clearinghouse on the internet. Consistently astronimically high quality content. You could learn how to write from these reviews.

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