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Stadium Arcadium is good

Stadium Arcadium is good - It would seem from the reviews that the Pepper’s “Stadium Arcadium” is a pretty darn good album. An excerpt from this great Rolling Stone review:

” Much of the credit for the album’s depth — and the swelling, ever-morphing, headphone-candy arrangements that boost every track — goes to the band’s not-so-secret weapon, John Frusciante. It’s been clear since his return to the band on 1999’s Californication that Frusciante came away from his near-fatal heroin addiction with new musical superpowers, and they’re in full bloom on Stadium Arcadium. … after 2002’s By the Way, the band’s least funky album, the bassist finally cuts loose again here, reasserting himself as the best non-hip-hop reason to buy a subwoofer.”