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To-Do List

So Ess drew up this to-do list in early August. This is the list of things she wanted to do this next day:


Rabbit Cage

Rabbit Cage

Mykala and I made this rabbit “cage” out of my old shelf-parts from college. Ess is a big fan.

Bunny Mirror

Bunny Mirror

Ess loves it when we goof around with this mirror/bunny that sits in the back seat.



Mykala made this dress for Ess, and it was the best choice during a hot hot fair outing earlier this month.

Ess and Friends

Ess and Friends

Baby Bunny

Continuing the theme of baby animals this week, we have a baby bunny. As Weebl and Bob might say, sooo cute!

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies

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Velveteen Rabbit

Velveteen Rabbit

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Adorable rabbits

Adorable rabbits - Brilliant cinematic achievement. But seriously - these rabbits are awesome.

Biggest rabbit I have ever seen

Biggest rabbit I have ever seen

Wallace and Gromit: Full Length Film

Wallace and Gromit: Full Length Film - I will have to see this movie. Wallace and Gromit are my heroes.

“There are lots of these little guys in “Curse of the Were-Rabbit” — they’re a design motif as well as being characters in their own right. And perhaps the loveliest thing about seeing them, and every other character here, on the big screen is the way their smooth Plasticine surfaces often show the visible fingerprints of the people who have touched them.”