Upside Down

Upside Down

Snacking on the Street

Snacking on the Street

Ess, you are growing up so fast. I love you.

Ess on a Turtle

Ess on a Turtle

Me and Ess

Me and Ess

Sprouts and Dr. Toonie

Sprouts and Dr. Toonie

Mykala has been growing amazing broccoli and bean sprouts. Ess LOVES them and eats them like she’s a little rabbit. Notice how Ess is holding Doctor Toonie’s wing.

Dressed up as Mama

Dressed up as Mama

Chair on a Couch

Chair on a Couch

Mykala saw Ess’s head poking up above the back of the couch and immediately ran in to investigate.

Essie’s House

Essie’s House

Out for a Walk

Out for a Walk

52° and time for a walk with mama.

I Turned 30

I’ve been taught to avoid excuses, first by my parents and then later in the wisdom of those I read. It was the latter that taught me an excuse for many things should never be offered when this a better explanation: “I didn’t care enough to produce the outcome you were looking for.” This is especially true when one is late. For years, if I was late, I would compose the reason in my head, what the extenuating circumstances were, why this was unusual, how I would correct it in the future. Then, with embarrassment, I realized these thoughtfully-composed reasons skirted reality: they were simply another way to say I hadn’t cared enough to be on time. So, while I have many interesting reasons (excuses) why I haven’t written here lately, it is quite simply because I haven’t cared enough to do it. But, I can’t let my birthday weekend come and go without listing the details of it. And also, I should write here more frequently.


Mykala and Esmé

Mykala and Esmé

Going in her Car Seat

Going in her Car Seat

Dad and Ess

Dad and Ess

I walked upstairs after a long day at work to Mykala and Essie on the floor. It felt great to join them.



This picture is currently Mykala’s phone background. I’ve lost significant amounts of time just staring at it before I do anything useful on her phone.

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Home with Mom

Home with Mom

Baby K’Tan

Baby K’Tan

Esmé in the Baby K’Tan.



Your dad thinks technology is amazing, baby. You keep on growing in there, and we’ll see you in a bit.

Brobdingnagian Cheerios Box

Brobdingnagian Cheerios Box

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We recently went to my 10 year high school reunion. I wasn’t going to go, but then Nils pep-talked me into it.


I’m really glad I went, but I am still the same shy person I was. So it is still tough to have conversations with strangers… yet I still thrive on genuine human conversation, and during the time I was at the reunion, there was a lot of that going on. I wonder what our lives will look like in another 10 years.

Looking South on St. Croix River

Looking South on St. Croix River