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Cowgirl Ess

Cowgirl Ess



In the Snow

In the Snow

Conductor Hat

Conductor Hat

Mykala made Ess this hat, since Ess was really enjoying watching “The Conductor” on Dinosaur Train.

Ant Hat

Ant Hat

This was after seeing the Okie Dokie Brothers at the Walker Art Center and then making an ant hat for a performance of Ants by the Polyglot Theatre.

Dressed Up

Dressed Up

Fall Sunset

Fall Sunset

Essie the Alien

Essie the Alien

Eating While Wearing Mom’s Hat

Eating While Wearing Mom’s Hat

Out for a Walk

Out for a Walk

52° and time for a walk with mama.

Essie Wears Mykala’s Hat

Essie Wears Mykala’s Hat

Warm Hat

Warm Hat

Hat Close-Up

Hat Close-Up

I like this hat because it goes well with jeans, I do not really know anything about North Carolina. Oops.

10 Gallon Hat

10 Gallon Hat

Mykala wears her prop cowboy hat very well.

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