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Easter Snow

Easter Snow

I trust this will be one of our strangest Easters — the COVID-19 pandemic kept us apart from family and friends; but we could take a walk.

Easter 2018

Easter 2018

Easter Dress 2017

Easter Dress 2017

Princess and Banana

Princess and Banana

The most toddlery morning: find your almost year-old Easter dress in the closet, put it on over your clothes, then eat a banana on the couch in the sun.

Mama and Ess

Mama and Ess

Dressed Up

Dressed Up

Easter Heart

Easter Heart

“Can you hold this up, Essie?”

Easter Eggs

Easter Felts

Easter Colors

Easter Colors

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Eggs

Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies

These were to celebrate Mykala’s completing yoga teacher training.

Easter Eggs

We dyed easter eggs a week late this year. Mykala hard boiled them, and we had to dye them before they went bad. We’re sort of slow to get things like that done. BUT, even though she got back from work at 11pm, I have to give my wife credit: she was just as enthusiastic about dying eggs as I was. A note to my future self: dying brown eggs does NOT turn out well. The final color of the blue-died brown egg was… well not very appetizing. It looked sort of like a dirty football.



My Easter basket from the Linds. Practicing my flash technique and curves adjustments.

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies

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A very happy Easter to you all. For those of you at a Catholic or Christian University, you may find yourself with a long weekend (as I do). For those of you everywhere else (for example, the University of Minnesota, like my sister), you may find yourself with a normal length weekend. I hope you are still able to enjoy the holiday.


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Late Truffle Egg

Late Truffle Egg

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All Together, Now

All Together, Now

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Old Eggs

Old Eggs