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Dune Stairs

Dune Stairs

Lake, Dune

Lake, Dune

Lake Michigan, Sand Dunes

Lake Michigan, Sand Dunes

Descending the Dune

Descending the Dune

Last Minute

Got a new mouse today. It’s optical so no dumb trackball lint problems. I can use it on my shirt, too! And picked up some new anti-virus software. Still reading Heretics of Dune. I fear as I have been reading the series that I have not made enough guesses or connections about the plot. Because of this, the information presented later on which was intended to clarify guesses has been passed over by me and only taken at face value. This may detract from my understanding of the plot and the books themselves as a whole. Then again, the time that has passed between books has been long. This could be my problem. A re-read may be in order. I’m awakening from the dream of summer and looking forward to the coming school year. School creates more stress, work, and scheduling than I normally have to deal with. The best plan may be to keep reading books throughout the year; escape literature has a value more than distracting the mind. It seems to enrich while diverting. Time for me to skeedaddle.