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Family Photo 1

Family Photo 1

Family Photo 2

Family Photo 2

Mykala and I aren’t exactly… at our best in this photo. But it is the one where Ess is looking at the camera!

Outdoor Movie

Outdoor Movie

Before seeing Moana outside at the park. We got to do this a few times: bike over and enjoy the festivities before the movie began, and then bike home in the dark for bedtime. One time, Ess and I rode through a bunch of fireflies on a ride back; if that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.

Me and Ess at Sunset

Me and Ess at Sunset

Naturally Dyed Goods

Naturally Dyed Goods

Setting up the new Naturally Dyed Goods space!

First Time Bowling

First Time Bowling

Early Spring Portrait

Early Spring Portrait

Tarzan Swing

Tarzan Swing

Sitting on My Shoulders

Sitting on My Shoulders

I used to carry Ess around on my shoulders. She doesn’t like that much, anymore.

Big Playground Swing

If you don’t start playing at the playground as early as possible in the season, you won’t maximize your playground days!

Going Down the Slide

Going Down the Slide

Ess has since outgrown it, but she used to always want to sit on my lap down the slide.

Me and Ess Outside

Me and Ess Outside

Me and Ess

Me and Ess


This sled… did not work.

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017



Christmas Party 2018

Christmas Party 2018

Heading out for the office Christmas party.

Ess Helps Assemble a Chair

Essie brought her hammer and screwdriver to help me put together her Ikea stool.

Christmas Tree #3

Christmas Tree #3

Piano at Thanksgiving

Piano at Thanksgiving