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ViewSlimmy Wallet

ViewSlimmy Wallet - A slim “front pocket” wallet with a clear ID area for your license (for those travel and bar situations).

Am considering this as a great replacement for my fat old wallet. The minimalist idea behind the design forces you eliminate the usual wallet clutter of receipts and useless club cards.

A neat circular watch!

A neat circular watch! - From Alessi watches. I really like the simplicity here. Old-fashioned as it may be, I still dig timepieces as art and fashion rather than outdated accouterments.

Beer/Soda Can Earrings

Beer/Soda Can Earrings - I particularly like the Sunkist ones, though I am unsure if Mykala will feel the same.

Talbott Neck Ties

Talbott Neck Ties - Maybe for my dad for Father’s Day? These are ridiculously nice ties.

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