Tambourine and Sally



Split Rock

Split Rock



Ok I could not get over this. By using some string and pipecleaners to make a broom and cat (!), and re-arranging Pink Lady’s hair, Mykala made such a great Kiki for Ess.


“Hold it like a plate.”

Outdoor Movie

Outdoor Movie

Before seeing Moana outside at the park. We got to do this a few times: bike over and enjoy the festivities before the movie began, and then bike home in the dark for bedtime. One time, Ess and I rode through a bunch of fireflies on a ride back; if that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.

Philippe Frog and Dante Dragon

Best part of this video: “I’m not eating your tongue, that’s just how we shake hands!”

It is sort of interesting: the tags on this site don’t change, but our names for stuffed animals do. “Marge the Monkey” has changed to “Monkey Mao” to just Mao. The dragon in this video “Dante Fiero” changed to Dante but mostly just “Beela” because he would chase Ess and say “blah! blahblah!”

Splash Pad

Splash Pad

Crayola Ess

Crayola Ess

Holding a mouse Mykala sewed for her.

Ess and Goat

Ess and Goat