Stuff from August, 2018

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on August, 2018.

Time enough

Last night, there was time enough to go see Eighth Grade with Mykala. Time enough to go home and take the tire off the bike, drive it to the store, and buy its replacement. Time enough to put it on. Time enough to pedal through the dense, warm evening to pick-up Ess from my parent’s. Time enough to visit once I got there. Time enough to pedal us home, singing “This Land Is Your Land” most of the way.


Ok, I’m about to start posting an 11-month backlog of pictures and videos. By way of explanation: I usually am off by about three months, maximum, on posting stuff we have captured with our phones. But, last fall everything came together for us to invest in a Synology DS1517+, a network-attached file server. It took me months to set the entire thing up to my liking, including storing our Photos and iTunes libraries on sparse bundles. In the meantime, posting here was on hold as those libraries were in flux.




That’s Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie dePaola.

On A Walk

Lady Bug

Lady Bug

Eating Corn

Eating Corn





Prairie Burn Festival

Prairie Burn Festival

Prairie Burn Festival #2

Prairie Burn Festival #2

Turtle and Foot

Turtle and Foot

Bird Esmé

Bird Esmé

Mannequin 1

Mannequin 1

Mannequin 2

Mannequin 2

Ess went through a very brief phase where she was fascinated by mannequins. I love her expression.





Ticklish feet

Had to clean up those feet, but they were ticklish.

Doctor De Soto

Doctor De Soto

Doodleboppers Playground

Doodleboppers Playground

Ess and Nannie

Ess and Nannie

We went to the historic Alexander Ramsey house for my mom’s birthday. Essie was DEFINITELY not yet ready for house tours. Occupied her away from the tour.

Outdoor Instruments

Outdoor Instruments

Apple Sorting

Apple Sorting

Apple Picking

Apple Picking

Rivertown Fall Art Festival

Rivertown Fall Art Festival

New Gloves

New Gloves

Interstate Backpacking

Interstate Backpacking

Interstate Backpacking 2

Interstate Backpacking 2

Interstate Backpacking 3

Interstate Backpacking 3

Conductor Hat

Conductor Hat

Mykala made Ess this hat, since Ess was really enjoying watching “The Conductor” on Dinosaur Train.

Fall Leaves Walk

Fall Leaves Walk

Fall Walk

Fall Walk

Tap Dancing


Ess made a model of Stillwater, using her blocks. She really captured Main Street.



Inspector Flamingo

Inspector Flamingo

This flamingo ended up named “Inspector Flamingo” — actually was a costume hat. Ess had a lot of fun with it for a few months in the autumn/winter.

Ess is dressed up in some of her conductor Halloween costume.

Fixing Mama’s Foot

Ess was convinced that Band-Aids repaired all injuries. Her tending to Mykala here is so very sweet.

Dancing to Jingle Bells

When it isn’t even November, but your three-year-old wants you to play Jingle Bells so she can dance to it, that’s what you do.

Bat Finger Puppet

Monster Mash

Monster Mash

This is Mykala’s traditional Halloween dish. “I will make it every Halloween, forever.” says Mykala. Yep.

Halloween Family

Halloween Family

This was Essie’s first Halloween out trick-or-treating. She’s dressed as the conductor from Dinosaur Train and she was so so excited. This was one of those nights you’ll never forget.

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

One of my favorite pictures, ever.

Essie Catching Snow

After Snowman Building

After Snowman Building

Dada Burned the Food

One of Essie’s favorite games used to be “Dada Burned the Food” wherein Mama leaves the house, and Dada must prepare a meal (usually mac and cheese, a.k.a. “Bunny Noodles”). The stove always catches on fire, and the game is to figure out how to put out said fire.

Fire Pretend

Fire Pretend





Dinosaur Dress

Dinosaur Dress

Falling Over

Piano at Thanksgiving

Piano at Thanksgiving

Silk Scarves

Silk Scarves

Christmas Tree #1

Christmas Tree #1

Christmas Tree #2

Christmas Tree #2

Christmas Tree #3

Christmas Tree #3

Christmas Tree #4

Christmas Tree #4

Christmas Tree 2018

Christmas Tree 2018

Notice Inspector Flamingo, all tucked in in the corner.

Ess Helps Assemble a Chair

Essie brought her hammer and screwdriver to help me put together her Ikea stool.

Tarzan Swing

Tarzan Swing

I love this picture.

Ess and Flamingo

Ess and Flamingo

Naturally Dyed Christmas

Naturally Dyed Christmas

Mykala brought her Naturally Dyed Goods to the Christmas market in Saint Anthony Park. Mykala had been working on them for some time at that point, developing her color palate, making local connections, and this was one of her first opportunities to get her stuff in front of other people. She met some great people, sold some items, and Ess and I visited her. Then, Ess threw an enormous tantrum on the way home because she was so confused about why we would leave and Mykala didn’t come with us right away. After about 45 minutes, Ess finally calmed down. I think you can see the tantrum coming on in this picture. We all survived.



Ess, Age 3

Ess, Age 3

Mykala took this stunning portrait of our daughter at Essie’s request — Mykala had been taking pictures of her Naturally Dyed Goods in this nice even light through the sheer curtain, and Ess stopped by and wanted in. We’re very lucky she did.



Christmas Party 2018

Christmas Party 2018

Heading out for the office Christmas party.



The Night Before Christmas

Essie recites The Night Before Christmas based on her memory of our reading it to her.

Essie Dressed as Mykala

Essie Dressed as Mykala

Dancing to Jingle Bells

Christmas Baking

Christmas Baking





Hard to get Ess to take a non-silly photo sometimes.

Essie at Christmas, Age 3

Essie at Christmas, Age 3

Ugly Ornament

Ugly Ornament

So we went to Target and we had this great idea: everyone could pick out an ornament. We didn’t realize Ess would find the scariest-looking, oddest thing we’ve ever seen. Now, of course, this will be an important part of our tree for every Christmas to come.




This is Sally. Sally is a mallard duck. Ess asked for Sally for Christmas. We love Sally.

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

Holding Hands

Holding Hands

For a while, Ess was setting everyone up, making sure they all had a hand to hold.


Foam Pit

Foam Pit

It is fun to compare this picture to one taken nine months before it.

Hugging George

Hugging George

We Wish You Could Merry Christmas

Essie sings it “We wish you could Merry Christmas” and it is perfect.

Octopus Conductor

Octopus Conductor

Nannie and Ess

Nannie and Ess

Banana Fairy

Banana Fairy

Ess and George

Ess and George

Dance Stage

Dance Stage

Watching Moana

Watching Moana

In the Snow

In the Snow


This sled… did not work.

Running in the Snow

Ess at Lunch

Ess at Lunch

Me and Ess

Me and Ess

Going Down the Slide

Going Down the Slide

Ess has since outgrown it, but she used to always want to sit on my lap down the slide.

Me and Ess Outside

Me and Ess Outside

Ess in the Cold

Ess in the Cold

Reading the Bones Book

“I’m tinier than a pinky nail. I’m so tiny tiny tiny in your hand. Wow.”

This is Ess “reading” from her Bones book, one of her favorite books she has ever checked out from the library. The full title: Book of Bones: 10 Record-Breaking Animals written by Gabrielle Balkan and illustrated by Sam Brewster.

Ess With Her Bones Book

Ess With Her Bones Book

Ess wanted to dress up with this scarf, in preparation for going to The Rainforest Café.

Bride Owl

Bride Owl

I have a few old Sylvanians that Ess found at my parent’s house, and this is one of the owl family. Mykala made this wedding dress for the mama owl, at Essie’s request.

Owl Marriage

Owl Marriage

Owl Marriage #2

Owl Marriage #2

Big Playground Swing

If you don’t start playing at the playground as early as possible in the season, you won’t maximize your playground days!

Tarzan Swing

Tarzan Swing

Sitting on My Shoulders

Sitting on My Shoulders

I used to carry Ess around on my shoulders. She doesn’t like that much, anymore.



The treehouse innovation on the right side was Mykala, but otherwise this is all Ess.

In A Playground Tube

In A Playground Tube

Easter 2018

Easter 2018

Early Spring Portrait

Early Spring Portrait

Eating with Isabella

Eating with Isabella

First Time Bowling

First Time Bowling

Frog and Toad

Frog and Toad

Rabbit Cage

Rabbit Cage

Mykala and I made this rabbit “cage” out of my old shelf-parts from college. Ess is a big fan.





Ess and Pinky

Ess and Pinky

Koosh Balls

Ess in Sunset

Ess in Sunset

Animal Picnic

Animal Picnic

Me and Ess at Sunset

Me and Ess at Sunset

Sally Picnic

Sally Picnic

Naturally Dyed Goods

Naturally Dyed Goods

Setting up the new Naturally Dyed Goods space!

Ess and Two Monkeys

Ess and Two Monkeys

Stone Ducks

Stone Ducks

Ess checks on the stone ducks (formerly “tone ducks”) every year.

Backing Up

Backing Up

This is Essie, backing up into a bush the way that Katie from Horton Hears a Who did.

Playground Portrait

Playground Portrait

Tamarack Walk

Tamarack Walk

Birthday Chair

Birthday Chair

Ess decorated this chair for me on my birthday.

I Am Moana

Leafy Portrait 1

Leafy Portrait 1

Leafy Portrait 2

Leafy Portrait 2

Ess With a Baby Goat

Ess With a Baby Goat

Mykala and Goats

Mykala and Goats

Ess and Goat

Ess and Goat

Crayola Ess

Crayola Ess

Holding a mouse Mykala sewed for her.

Splash Pad

Splash Pad

Philippe Frog and Dante Dragon

Best part of this video: “I’m not eating your tongue, that’s just how we shake hands!”

It is sort of interesting: the tags on this site don’t change, but our names for stuffed animals do. “Marge the Monkey” has changed to “Monkey Mao” to just Mao. The dragon in this video “Dante Fiero” changed to Dante but mostly just “Beela” because he would chase Ess and say “blah! blahblah!”

Outdoor Movie

Outdoor Movie

Before seeing Moana outside at the park. We got to do this a few times: bike over and enjoy the festivities before the movie began, and then bike home in the dark for bedtime. One time, Ess and I rode through a bunch of fireflies on a ride back; if that’s not magical, I don’t know what is.


“Hold it like a plate.”



Ok I could not get over this. By using some string and pipecleaners to make a broom and cat (!), and re-arranging Pink Lady’s hair, Mykala made such a great Kiki for Ess.

Split Rock

Split Rock



Tambourine and Sally

Cookie and Ponytail

Cookie and Ponytail

Mike and Sulley

Mike and Sulley

This is Essie’s version of Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

So we thought we’d have to cover these in stickers to get Ess to wear them, but she loved them immediately: they’re for loud situations like wedding receptions or Fourth of July fireworks.

Holding a Snake

Holding a Snake

The snake Ess really wanted to hold is off-camera.

Fourth of July 2018

Fourth of July 2018

Watching the fireworks.

Dressed Up

Dressed Up

Dressed up for cousin Jane’s wedding.

Family Photo 1

Family Photo 1

Happy to be Outside

Happy to be Outside

Family Photo 2

Family Photo 2

Mykala and I aren’t exactly… at our best in this photo. But it is the one where Ess is looking at the camera!

Ess and Some Ducks

“The duckies like us because we just gave them food up close.”

Ice Cream at Maybel’s

Ice Cream at Maybel’s



Mykala dictated letters, and Ess wrote this! We were very pleased.

Sweaty Ess

Sweaty Ess

Hot, humid summer weather + dreams = Ess waking up drenched in sweat.

Ess and Dave Eating

Ess and Dave Eating

Ess and Dave on a Bike

Ess and Dave on a Bike

On Top of the Library

On Top of the Library



Chuck the Duck

Chuck the Duck

Chuck goes with Sally. They’re both mallards.

Turning Four

Turning Four

Before the Movie

Before the Movie

Ess Meets Mudonna

Ess Meets Mudonna

Watching the Kite

Watching the Kite

Kite Flying

“Oh dear!!” is one of my favorite things Ess says.

Two Hands to Fly a Kite

Two Hands to Fly a Kite

Soft Landing

Soft Landing