Stuff from June, 2017

This is the archive of tumbledry happenings that occurred on June, 2017.


I was out at continuing education tonight, learning about our current opioid epidemic, and I got home just before Essie’s bedtime. She and Mykala were upstairs in our bedroom, reading some stories when I got in the door. I ran up the stairs and I could hear this little voice going “dada! dada!” and when I opened the door, Ess ran up to me and gave me this GIANT hug. Then she asked me to read here this library book:


Father’s Day 2017

It’s 9:21 in the evening, and since it is nearly the longest day of the year, I can look out our open window and see the green grass and tree leaves in the slowly fading twilight. Dads and Grads — my favorite time of the year. The time when the days are longest and summer still feels like all possibility and nothing spent.


Social Institutions as Games

I’m listening to a lecture by Alan Watts that begins with the topic “social institutions as games”. The term “games” in this context is not speaking of the trivial, but rather something that is always played for its own sake. Recognizing social institutions, (including identity!), as games, gives us perspective on our society and our lives that is sorely missing when we insist on taking everything deadly seriously.


At the Crayola Experience

Feeding Toonie

Feeding Toonie

Nannie, Ess, and an old outfit

Nannie, Ess, and an old outfit

Ess didn’t have a change of clothes, so here she is in an old outfit of mine. She’s holding Greenie, the toothbrush.

Clean Up Pickup

Singing Clean Up Pick Up Put Away from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Toonie Ate

“Toonie you ate! I am SO HAPPY you ate!”

Giving Toonie a Ride on the Swing

Taking Toonie out for a Spin

Taking Toonie out for a Spin

Front Seat

Front Seat

Dada Mio

These little people are called “MiO” and they’re wonderful. They come in a pretty neat house, too. From Manhattan Toy Company.

Easter Dress 2017

Easter Dress 2017

Bug House and Grass

Bug House and Grass

Toonie’s House

This is Toonie’s house. Essie’s gesticulations and speech have changed so dramatically in the past six months—I love when she corrects me when I’m not being precise enough or, in this case, when one of us may be imagining something differently than she.


Rock Painting

Mykala and Ess are a great painting team. I love this exchange:
“Here you go rock, there you go rock, gonna paint you rock. Rock live on paint. Paint live on rock. The rock cannot see you.”
“No? Why?”
“‘Cause the rock is hiding in the paint!”



I haven’t been yet, but I hear Ess goes for explores with Mykala in the pocket of trees on the trail near our house. She insists on picking up all of the leaves and branches off of the path.

In this picture, she’s wearing her turtle backpack, which she packed with a crew of animals, figures, stuffed vegetables, and other supplies she felt necessary.


St. Croix Panoramic

St. Croix Panoramic

At the shores of the St. Croix river, just off old downtown Stillwater.

Heading Out

Heading Out

Now that is one impressive accidental color-coordination. Highly visible, very safe: I approve!

Mother’s Day

Next year, I bet Ess will say it without any prompting.



Mykala, Esmé, Marge

Mykala, Esmé, Marge



A New Trail

A New Trail

Purple Shirt, Purple Shoes

Purple Shirt, Purple Shoes

Ess loves this shirt so much that we’ve had to explain washing to her because it isn’t clean every single day. It still hasn’t gotten a hole in it, but we’re concerned about the day it does.



Ess arranged mama monkey (left) tucking in Marge the monkey (a.k.a. Monkey-Mao) before bed.

Ready to Explore!

Ready to Explore!

New Bug Erasers

Sliding with Marge

Ess is taking good care of her favorite friend monkey.

Sunset at the Wedding

Sunset at the Wedding

Driving the Golf Cart

Golf Cart Golf Ball



Eating a Banana

Eating a Banana

Chalk Toonie

Chalk Toonie

I’m very proud of this portrait I made of Toonie.